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Powerhouse Church of Boston

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About Powerhouse Church of Boston

We are a radically inclusive and diverse group of believers. Our Vision is in the Restoration and Repairing of lives and then training and equipping them for their call in the Kingdom. We are ONE church in multiple locations; Powerhouse Church Global Network (Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; and Indianapolis, IN and more).


It is our goal to be an ACTS II church and to continue the fervency of Pentecost in which the Church was born in. Therefore; through powerful preaching, insatiable worship, intense passion, social justice, urban development, community outreach, and demonstrations of spiritual gifts we will transform the world ONE SOUL AT A TIME! 

Powerhouse Church of Boston is a church where all people can belong. We are intentional about creating a space where all people are welcome to participate in communing with the Lord. Our theological framework supports the spiritual growth and equality of all persons irregardless of ones racial identity, cultural background, social economic status, gender identity, intimate sexual attractions, or family structures.  

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Pastor Joty Allison


Joty Allison

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Overseer Keith McQueen


Keith McQueen

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